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Truck Services

Smileys Pro Services offers truck bed repairs and upgrades to keep you working or playing efficiently and safely. We can add, replace, or upgrade accessories on your truck bed to suit your individual needs and use of the truck. Whether it be hauling your ATV, or transporting your landscaping tools and equipment, Smiley’s will get your truck back on the road.


Looking to add a toolbox to your truck? Here at Smiley’s, we can install a variety of toolboxes in, on, or under your truck bed. Protect your tools and gear with a stylish and functional toolbox that can be professionally installed by us. Choose from a wide variety of toolboxes depending on the size of your truck bed and how much storage you prefer. Toolboxes are a great addition to your truck, whether it be for business or personal use.

Bed Repairs

Over years of use, your truck bed may incur damage and wear that can compromise its use. Smiley’s provides flatbed and service truck bed repair services. We can replace or repair damaged metal or wood bed deck surfaces, returning them to a safe and functional condition. Some of our most common repairs are on bed frames, gate latches, and stake bedsides. Our team has the knowledge and experience to keep your truck operational and up to quality standards. Visit Smiley’s and let us take care of all your bed repair needs.

Bed Swaps

If you are not satisfied with the current bed of your truck, Smiley’s can perform a bed swap with the bed of your choice. Many customers want to take a bed off an old truck of theirs and install it onto a new truck. We can also take a factory bed off and put a different type of bed that is more suitable for your personal or company needs. We are highly capable of accommodating personalized solutions for your truck bed.

Lift Gates

Smiley’s Pro Services can install, maintain or repair lift gates, such as the popular Tommy Gate. A Liftgate can reduce the potential for injuries and help make lifting easier by facilitating the loading of heavy items onto the bed of your truck. There are many options and types to choose from depending on your specific vehicle and application.

Auxiliary Tanks

Here at Smiley’s Pro Services, we can install an auxiliary fuel tank to add fuel carrying capacity. With an auxiliary fuel tank in your vehicle, you can enjoy the open road without having to fill up your tank as often. Smiley’s auxiliary tanks will give you more flexibility and a greater range on your truck or SUV. With an auxiliary tank, you can eliminate low fuel anxiety, save money on fuel, and endure less stress when you’re out on the road. Smiley’s installs auxiliary fuel tanks from Transfer Flow tanks. Transfer Flow tanks are made in Chico, California, and we are one of their trusted dealers. We work to install your Transfer Flow Tank quickly and service it at your convenience.

Lighting and Electrical

Proper lighting is essential to the safety and usage of your truck. Your lighting should be functional and in optimal condition before heading out on the road. We can install and fix your recessed lighting, bed lighting, interior lighting, and forward lighting. Our expert electricians will conduct lighting inspections and electrical troubleshooting in order to repair and restore efficiency to your lighting system. Smiley’s carries a large selection of wiring and electrical parts, to ensure we can have your lights fixed in no time.

Custom Additions

If you desire a custom solution or addition to your truck, look no further. Smiley’s Pro Services will work with you to create a customized solution for your problem or design a customized addition for your truck. We pride ourselves on being a highly skilled and technical team that can fulfill our customer’s specific requests.

Jwa A
Jwa A
September 19, 2021.
I have drove by them multiple times as I go to build my Bagel shop. I took many bakers racks that I bought new but was bad construction. I also took a cart & they made 3 more for me but the cherry on top was when I took these greasy dirty gears to them & only showed my company T-Shirt & they did it perfectly. Sincerely. John Auburn. Whidbey Island Bagel Factory
September 15, 2021.
Nice people, always get help from them.
William West
William West
August 9, 2021.
If it doesn't exist they'll make it. Great buch of people that don't mind us inventors.
Happy Camper
Happy Camper
July 14, 2021.
This is the shop that saved my vintage EGG fiberglass trailer. Professional, even when I did not know exactly what I needed. You get bonus points if you say, "torsion axle"
Larry Greidanus
Larry Greidanus
July 9, 2021.
Helpful guys there. They have what you need. .

Why Smiley’s Pro Services?

There are several reasons why Smiley’s Pro Services stands out amongst competitors

Everything Trailer Related

We specialize in everything related to trailer and towing parts and services. We can perform any repair, solve any problem, or supply any part that you need for your trailer.

Custom Installation

We can customize or modify many existing parts in order to make it work for you. Smiley’s Pro Services offers customized solutions for your individual or business needs.

Exceptional Customer Service

From start to finish, our friendly and personable team will provide you with exceptional customer service that exceeds your expectations.

Trusted and Experienced Professionals

No matter what your needs are, our highly knowledgeable technicians are a trusted resource. Our team will handle every situation with a high level of professionalism and exceptional craftsmanship.

Locally Owned and Operated

Smiley’s has been family-owned and operated in Skagit County since 1953. We work with residents and businesses within local communities, and afford them greater attention to detail and personalized service.

One Stop Shop

Because we perform a wide range of services, there is no need to waste time visiting multiple service providers. We can handle everything from a simple spot weld or new brake light, to fully customized equipment.

Contact Smiley’s Pro Services today for your truck service needs in Skagit County.